Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Was it a cat I saw?

Let me say that it's ages, ages, as would you read it, inward or backward that i do not write post on this blog.
Simple as drinking a glass of water, I hadn't much time to do it.
I miss you all and today I saw my followers become ONE HUNDRED!

thank you!

now, let me show you some works done in this past month and a half, forgive me for description less, I would love to give you details, it will be the next time.... I hope.

So, here we are....

my lucy crochet bag finished

a coin holder

and this is the granny stripe blanket (pattern from Lucy of I'm working on, I've already added more stripes but haven't yet took photos.

latest news before say hello to next time, it's i bought my daydream camera, the nikon d5000 and i love it, willing to take a photo classes this coming winter..... I'll let you know.
Marco is calling..... haave to go!


Cindy at her Country Home said...

Ciao Ciao my chiara Giusy! I am so happy to see a new post on your blog. Henri and I spoke last time about you, how shall it be with our friend in Italy? Hope everything is going ok, also with your lovely little and cutest men. What a wonderful things did you crochet with happy colours too. From me a grande bacio and I miss our Café latte. Miss our holidays in Italy too this year as you know we stay at home. But we've got a big present from Jodie, that you gonna see on my blog in a later post. Many hugs and kisses from your blogfriend Cindy - Holland p.s. kisses also for your little men.

Unknown said...

Bella la nuova "cornicetta" la' in alto :-)

Maaike said...

Hey, I just came across your blog, it is wonderful! Lovely pictures and you create beautiful things.
I will come and visit again soon,