Monday, January 31, 2011

Stitch 'n Spritz

Hi, 2 post in just one week?!!! I'm so trilled to can't wait to say it to all of you my sweeties!

I've joined a knitting group held by the lovely Tibisay of ArtTherapy, and yesterday I've got my first meeting. Those wonderful knitters meet once a month in a lovely and sophisticated location, the Eppinger Cafè.

I follow Tibisay and Tsugumi's blogs from months now, and when they announced the new meeting I decided to join. The stitch 'n bitch becomes stitch 'n spritz (from spritz aperitif). I was so happy to attend the meeting, there were so many interesting and nice people, and I enjoyed the knitting and the chatting afternoon.

You can find more photos at Tibisay's blog post.

When I got home, my little one looked at me this way, he seems wants to say:

- hey mom, you looks like you've got much fun! :))))))))
- Oh yes, my lovely boy, I've got a lot of fun :))

Oh, the Magical Sparrow's eye Hat is now available to download at my Raverly page! A special Thank you to Manu - Amelia and Azzuka that tested the pattern! :))

See you soon!!!


Lilly said...

sto cercando di fare incetta di foto da stitch n spritz...è dura non potervi più prendere parte...dopo un incontro infatti si rischia l'assuefazione!!!

Tzugumi said...

Hahahahah lo sguardo del tuo bimbo è veramente molto eloquente!!! Mamma, la prossima volta non ti lascio andare senza la promessa di tornare a casa con almeno un cappellino per il sottoscritto, tzè!
Un abbraccio :)

Tibisay said...

Beh, che dire... a parte che ho capito sieno una metà di quello che hai scritto... ti mando un bacio e spero di vederrti al prossimo!!!

Cindy at her Country Home said...

GIUUUSSSYYY, ciao ciao ciao my dearest friend in Italy!
Oooohhhh I fell in love with your little boy, he is so beautiful and grow up fast. I remember the time that you was still pregnant, special!
When I read your post about the "spritz" my memories go out to our meeting and now I have the feeling that I miss Trieste so much about this aperitive.
How great you all as group take this slogan, very very cute!
I wish that I live there so I can also join the group hahahaha....
Lovely to see you again on the pictures so you stay close near me. You are still in my heart!
Keep up the knitting work, so now and then I come over at your blog to look at your beautiful creations.
Grande baccio, ciao your friend from Holland - Cindy x