Monday, November 08, 2010

In need of good vibes

Hi there, I feel in need of good vibes in here, my little one has fever, it's about 1 month that he felt ill, and every one week the temperature goes high.... I need some lovely though in here, anyway tomorrow we will have urinalysis just to be sure there is no infection. You can imagine how I'm feeling....
Last month I have designed a new travel tea bag holder pouch, this time is crocheted and I'm really happy on how it turned out.


I will list a lot of them into my etsy before or later, so stay tuned!

This morning I found a copycat on Etsy, that's so awful! She is Italian and is really sad having people like this that still ideas to other and write "Original" on their etsy shop and listing. Anyway I have compared the listing of this person with the properly member, and report it to etsy admin. One of the copied listing it's my own design.... my original travel tea bag holder pouch, do you remember of them?


I will relist them when I will have the time to sewing again ah ah.

That's all for today, don't forget to send your best wishes for my son and don't forget that I love you and I need your feedback! :)
Love, Giusy


Gillian said...

I really love your sweet tea bag holders, such beautiful neat crochet too :)

I am sorry you have found a copycat on etsy! I hope you can find a happy solution to this problem.

All the best to your little one, I hope he is soon well.

Honey said...

This crocheted is looking so nice and im gonna buy this soon. Can we have mobile in this bag? I think it suits me. Very colorfull collections. Very creative and good!!!