Saturday, July 24, 2010

Share the Love

Ok, I don't know if I will have the time to write another post on Monday, so I will anticipate it a bit. This morning I made a list of all the crochet project I want to make, hard to decide wich one will be the first and at the end I decided that the smallest will be the first and so on till the last one on my list.
I ended up that there are so many interesting stories and lovely women behind the projects ispired me, so I want to share some of them with you my lovelies =)

So, after my Lucy's bag will be finished.....


I will manage with those:

And then... a new cotton blanket, not sure wich one, I love so many at this time...


I want to make one of them.... so lovely Ispired by those lovely creative people!

And at least I think it will be autumn again and I will be able to manage the Babette Blanket wich I was making using 100% merino's wool.

So, there are some of my favorited blog, project and people!
Now an Ice cream and some good crochet are waiting for me!! Have a lovely week end!
See you soon, Giusy


chienkiri said...

ciao cara bello lo share the love :D

Crafty Laura said...

Tutte le volte che visito il tuo blog mi vien voglia di imparare l'uncinetto...dici che è possibile da autodidatta?
Un caro saluto,

Le Coccole said...

Ciao Laura, grazie :) Non è impossibile cominciare da autodidatta anzi! se fai una ricerca su Youtube tra l'altro trovi un sacco di tutorial che mostrano i punti base, e la maggior parte delle cose che ho proposto qui sopra sono davvero semplici da realizzare! Dai, provaci e poi fammi sapere! Giusy

Le Coccole said...

Ciao Lara!! Sei una meraviglia di ragazza! Bellissimo il tuo ultimo make up! Un bacione, Giusy

patchworkdelights said...

Wow they are lovely blankets I love the Granny Square Blanket in particular, good to see what you projects you complete, looking forwad to seeing them! Fi