Monday, July 19, 2010

Bunting in the night

Good monday everyone!

Veggies for Marco's lunch are already washed and the pot is on fire, the little one is sleeping so I can take 2 or 3 minutes for myself and blog, yaiii!!

Well, the next monday I'll start working again, it will be orrible to go back to work after a year and a half I am at home-mom... the good thing is I'll working part-time till my son's first birthday.

Sooo let me think to positive things now, and let me show you what I made this past week.
On the other monday I've started working on my Lucy's bag, I've already added more rows than are shown in the picture, but I haven't took other new photos of the ongoing project.



I've also received the Lucy's Yarn Pack from First 4 Yarn, and I must say that the Rico cotton is delicious!! The colours are bright and it is very soft to the touch. I love it and I think I'm going to make a blanket in the next future.



On Friday I've added a touch of Shabby - Chic interior furniture to my chicken, a hand paited towel hanger I found for just a few euros in a cute local shop, cute doesn't it?


And on Saturday night, after having put Marco to bed, I've got two busy hour making a bunting garland to decorate his bedroom wall....


I always looked at bunting garland and I felt a bit intimidate about it, but I've just started with some simply collage and colored pencil and at the end I was satisfied by the result.





that's all folks!! See you next monday!!!
Love, Giusy


DIANA said...

ciao giusy con questo caldo spero che il tuo bellissimo Marco non ti faccia stancare troppo!complimenti per il cuscino e il tuo abito prendisole...

patchworkdelights said...

I guess the positive thing here is that you have the part time work instead of coming back full time, oh how i wish i could go part time :(

1) the colours of the bag are gorgeous so bright and cheerful

2) love the kitchen accessory

3) Bunting looks great, love your little birdie!