Saturday, February 07, 2009

16 things about me

A bit in retard, but finally I've done it. I was tagged by Fiore d Loto on 16 jan 2009 and by Antigoni on 27 jan 2009.

I don't want bother other 16 people so I wouldn't tag anyone, but if you would like to partecipate, just name this page and go with this game.

16 things about me... (photo's meant)

1. I love to be a sexy cat woman sometimes, love leather suit and sexy shoes. 2. I love moonlight; 3. the photo machine I'm dreaming on; 4. I'm a tea drinker (and a coffee addict too); 5. Messina (Sicily - Italy), my origin roots; 6. I would love to learn Chess game; 7. Love: the element that can never miss in my life; 8. I worked as a website editor and love to work with photoshop; 9. I love falling leaf and autumn color: so vibrant!; 10. waiting for success!; 11. I hate washing dishes; 12. I heart Flickr 13. I would love to have a baby very soon; 14. Love puppies; 15. sunset give me calm; 16. The perfect eremo where I would like to live.

Here are 16 photos that tell you a 16 things about me, photos are from flickr and below are the owner.

1. Cat Woman wants to hurt you!, 2. luna piena, 3. Canon 400D, 4. FGR - Tea time {for} A {clumsy} broad, 5. The Madonna of the letter, 6. White bishop, 7. Happy Valentine's Day. Eat my love..., 8. Advanced Photoshop Tutorial, 9. Fallen Leaves, 10. Leather suit art, 11. washing dishes when it's really cold, 12. Flickr shortcut, 13. Baby Logan...5 Days Old :o), 14. and they call it puppy love, 15. Gabbiani al tramonto, 16. Back from my Méditerranée villa

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ArtMind said...

So nice to know a bit more about you, Giusy! We have some in common!
I think you would be a fantastic mommy so I hope your wish will come true soon! :)

antigoni said...

16 interesting things to know about you!!!! Wish you the best for everything you dream for your life!!!!

Naan Pocen said...

Ciao Giusy,
Non riesco a capire come posso iscrivere al tuo blog! I have a blogger account as well but yours seem to be sophisticated. HELP! Where can I include myself on your follower's list?

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That baby photo is so sweet....