Monday, September 15, 2008

They're back to school, we're back to work!

School is beguns today. My boyfriend Daughter is 13 this year, and begins the third class of the secondary school. I'm really impressed how they change quickly at this age, only last year she seems like a child, this year she's a little beautiful girl that's going at the last year of secondary school, and next year is already at the Highschool.

As they go to school, we come back to our things. So, I have to share some news.

Do you remember about the Diary 2009 Project?! Well the diary is already printed and turned out great, it's available for purchase at the Fantazya site, you can order the book, CD or CD by email.

diary 2009 - sample page

Etsy... well, it's hard to get through there... but I don't throw in the sponge :) I belong to the European Street Team, we are partecipating to a Secret Santa for Xmas, :) I was with the first filled the questionaire, so we get a special treasury for that by Artmind:

my owl pouch picked in the treasury

And thank you also to Mirth that has doing a great job with the European Street Team on Google Map!

So, I'm out of lazyness and make some new stuff, one is already at Dawanda Shop, but more have to come :)

Have a nice night.

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AnnaDrai said...

bellissime le tue nuove creazioni e che ideaona questa!!!