Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've been in Wien and.... cooking

Well, prepare a tea (or seen the topic, I should say a chocolate) and then take a moment to read this post that will be pretty long :-)

I've been in Wien and it worth the travel. Oh! I love this city, everything is great and gorgeous, the Metropolitan Station (U-Bahn) is very clean, people are efficent, polite and so organized, ie the Museums were full of visitors, but we stay in queue for not more of 5-10 minutes. 

Food is delicious!! I've loved each moment there.

Hansy Original Fiakergulasch

Wiener Schnitzel

We eat in the Gasthaus Hansy in the EineStrasse , very closed to the Prater, soo good!! Here in the photo you can see one of the dishes we choose, the Original Fiakergulasch and the Wiener Schnitzel, and if you go there, don't forget to order the Tagessuppe (soup of the day!).


The Original Sacher torte at Sacher Hotel

sacher torte behind the bench

demel shopping bag

We also been at the Sacher Cafè in the Hotel , now it is official, they have the "original trademark" for the Sacher Torte. It has been in conflict with Demel .  I eat the
Sacher Torte at the Sacher Hotel, and I've also loved the Imperial Torte of Demel as well.


Gerstner Macarons

Talking about cakes, time ago I've read about French Macarons, (or Makaroons as american usually call them), and I was just curious about this lovely and petit "patis". I couldn't imagine that I will have find it in Wien!!
Walking in the Kartner Strasse, I saw a window full of Macarons, the cafè was Gerstner and they say they have the Original Macarons. I've got a box with 12 macarons, and oh.... you couldn't imagine how delicious they are!!

my attempt at macarons

Come back at home, there are days that I'm looking for a good recipe to make macarons, I'm still looking and collecting recipes, my first attempt was no successful, the macaron's surface is broken, but it should be smooth and shiny, at least we eat them, but I will try to make them again with more success.


Danto's red garlic and shallot

From year 2001, when it was held the first edition, we have in Trieste a very lovely European Market fair "Piazza Europa", where we could discover unusual tastes. This year I found a french bench "Danto", that sells garlic and shallot. They are very good! I prepared this evening a fresh tomato sauce using those ingredients and it turn out very good.

my father's apple

And those apples are from my father's garden :)

So, that's all for now, but I will post much more about food and cooking, once a month with a recipe, Oh, I book a seat for a course on

making chocolate praline for November 10th. We will see.... so, back to sewing now!

I wish you a nice week, Giusy

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