Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alternative Shopping -- Discovering Treasures in my City

This was a happy day.Having time to do what "I always wanted but haven't had the time to do" it's great, vacation are great!

This morning I was strolling the city, I was in corners of the city where I don't go often, I discovered very beautiful alternative shops, I spoke with people real and sociable, I had a great morning and an excellent afternoon.

To give U an idea of what treasure I found, here are some of the shop link and what I bought there.

Those 4 Card comes from RETROBOTTEGA

And what to say about music - I love alternative sounds, and I like Lounge at this time...

this come from OHM

I ended the day with some sewing and graphic creation, I finished the small Carry All Messenger bag for my Boyfriend's Daughter and made some new label for my creations.

Oh, I received a GREAT invitation and a GREAT opportunity by email, but.... I will write about this later.... I'm a little bit superstitious ;-)

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