Thursday, May 01, 2008

Worker's holiday

In Italy today was the worker's holiday, so I was at home from the office. So this morning, I could met a new internet friend that come in Trieste from Holland. Cindy is a very lovely and kind person, she do quils and it's a fan of Tildas. I could see some of her works and them all are beautiful! I enjoyed met her and her daughter in Piazza Unità, where we had a coffe, cappuccino and "Caffelatte Grande". After an half hour we met also her Husband and friend. We promised each other to stay in contact and I hope to see her soon.

I spend the afternoon with my boyfriend at my parents garden, and we come home just for a shower and we are going out for dinner!
So I had a happy 1st of May!

Some of my father's garden shots.


Whitney Hurst said...

Your purses are gorgeous!

ixela said...

Wonderful flowers and great photos!

penelopecross said...

Borse strepitose! complimenti!
sono arrivata sul tuo blog da Etsi. noente in contrario se inserisco un link nel mio?

Aglaya said...

Hi :) I just popped in to have a look at your work. You create cute lovelies - love your bags, wallets and the woman's secret thing ;)And you use wonderful materials. Keep up the good work, I'll be coming back :)
Take care! Hugs

nuvonova said...

Beautiful flowers!!