Friday, May 16, 2008

Best selling product?

Yes! I have my one! :)
I've bought a lot of this great Italian Moda fabric time ago in winter, I liked so much the texture,the high cotton quality and the design that I've purchased more than 1 meter, and I have it also in red. (My credit card burnt that month! :))

So, I made and sold at least 3 granny bag from this beautiful black and white fabric, two of them with it's coordinated pouch, the last one (those in the picture) goes to my friend Viviana, that purchase the bag and coordinated as "custom made order" at my Dawanda shop.
She just wrote me to say that she love the bag!

I'm so happy with the result, I love the shape of the Granny Bag, and this fabric seems really made for it!

So I'm feeling as I'm doing well, and I'm fulfilled by the creative ispiration, and of course by the spring! This morning I celebrated my feeling with a big Ice cream and no gym! yeah!
Have a nice week end!


Aglaya said...

The bag is lovely indeed. All of my favourite colours in one! Gorgeous! And I love the shape too.
Have a lovely spring weekend with lots of ice cream :)

Viviana said...

Isnt'it wonderful? I love my bag!
Thank you again, Giusy