Monday, June 21, 2010

The missed weekend reflection

Hello! I missed my weekend reflection post, but this past week and week end was busier than usual. Marco was Baptized on saturday, and till friday we was getting ready for the party after the Baptism.

Despite the tiredness in the evening I crocheted some new grannies block, I have not a specific project in mind, I'm still pondering whether to make a pillow, a bag or something, we will see.

Altered Moleskine crochet granny lover
Altered Moleskine for crochet lover available at my etsy


Meanwhile the project I show you last week is at my mom's home, I need the sewing machine to finish it, and since mine is locked in the cupboard under piles of other things, I'm waiting for a spare afternoon to go there and complete my Secret Project.

So, here we are... I want to show you Marco's creative space :) Isn't it lovely?
He is in the rolls phase so I layed some blankets and a quilt on the floor to prevent he beat his head on the parquet :)

That's all for now, I wish you a lovely week!
See you soon!! Giusy

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