Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Iphone 3G vs Blackberry Bold


I love them all!! Ok, when 2 month ago I knew that the Iphone 3G were coming out in Italy, I would have bought it immediately, but I couldn't had afford it, then my fever goes down and I sayd to myself that I will buy it for Xmas. But now, to be onest and say the truth, My heart is beating for the new BlackBerry Bold, and can't wait to have it on my hand. A custom request make me think about those great new smarthphones, both are slim and whatever model you choose you wouldn't scratch them for any reason. So, here is my own answer to this delicate question: Protect your Smarthphone with those great sleeves, and If you love your new IPhone 3G, or you've got the new BlackBerry Bold, you would love to have a slipcase to prevent scratches, but you maybe don't want to add much bulk to the smartphone.

The Padded Sleeve keeps it flat and safely, you can easily put it into your shirt or jeans pocket. Comes in one size for a perfect fit on your Standard or iPhone 3G, also fit Blackberry Bold.

Available in shop now.

This one is the first I made to test the pattern (my own design), and I make it a little bit bigger to fit my boyfriend's Blackberry 8700G.

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