Sunday, April 20, 2008

fabrics and spools are ready to go...

Great! I'm grateful that I hadn't to wait too much for having the fabric I ordered on the 1st of April... and what fabric! I felt in love so much with the great collection Freshcut designed by Heather Baily, that I ordered all the three Colorway available.
Here are the color scheme:

and Here what I received! They are FQ's but I think I'm going to use each small piece, I won't waste any bits of those, they are great! And as you can see, the spools are filled and ready to go!

So, here are two new item for the shop, a new Woman Secrets -- Pad and Tampon wallet/case and one of The perfect Money and card Wallet.

Custom order are welcome!

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ixela said...

Great new creations... and wonderful new fabrics!... Complimenti per il tuo lavoro!!!