Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just for fun -- Create a Handmade Rubber Stamp

Stamp's passion! -- Handmade rubber stamps (eraser carving)

put its hand up who, at least once not have bought or desired one. Rubber stamps make less anonimous our block notes , customize greeting cards, give color to our diaries ... and... Back in time, put your hand up who, at school, has never at least once patiently dug an eraser to go faster few a boring lesson.
I would not have imagined that both things just mentioned would be back in my world as an adult! I love everything that is hand creativity and then even when I surf the internet I always take a look at technics perhaps far from mine, but that has always fascinated me ... And occasionally happens that besides watching, I like to try. I made this two mini stamp, the result of a couple of simple drawings, a eraser bought at just € 0.50 and a pair of carving tools.

If you want to try yourself, you will find a tutorial here and here, and a lot of photos here.

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AnnaDrai said...

ciao Giusy
grazie per il commento sul mio blog, così ho potuto conoscere il tuo: fantastici questi timbri!
Ma poi ho visto anche le borse... ora me le guardo tutte :O)