Sunday, February 03, 2008

How many time you listen this question: Do you have SEX?

Ok. I'm really upset with the stupid sense of common that "if you sewing, embroidering, cross stitching or doing something like this, surely you're a sexually non-active". Well... that's no true! We are normal people like the other, we have a normal live, we have children, we have a boyfriend or a husband, we watch tv, we go to the supermarket and buy choccolate and chips, we have friends, and yes! WE HAVE SEX! Don't you believe it? take a look at our tray... that's what you can find into the my one... and I'm sure that also all the other lady who do crafts have stuff like this. Please, change your mind about us, we are not sexual frustated, we do... and do a bit more because we ALSO do craft!

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